download mp3 songs

Download songs for free, no need to convert YouTube to MP3 on Savefromnet, YTMP3 and y2mate. Check out the following method.

YouTube has become a destination for many people who want to watch videos or listen to music.

This is inseparable from the many songs and videos that are on YouTube and can be accessed for free online.

People can listen to as many songs as they want through YouTube online using cellphones to smart TVs.

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However , it is realized that not everyone can be online all the time just to listen to songs .

Therefore, downloading songs MP3 is still mostly done by people who are constrained by internet signals or limited quotas.

However, it is recommended not to download songs by converting YouTube to MP3 on Savefromnet, YTMP3 and y2mate.

Downloading songs by converting links YouTube to MP3s is an illegal act that violates copyright.

The recommended way to download songs free MP3 is to use the YouTube Music or Spotify applications . Here’s how:

YouTube Music

– Install the YouTube Music application on the cellphone.

– Open the YouTube Music app and login with a premium account, create one if you haven’t already.

– Activate “Smart Download” in the YouTube Music application, in the download settings .

– Once active, search for songs MP3 that will be downloaded for free.

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– Click the dot symbol on the screen, then select download song .

music – Songs or MP3 can be downloaded for free and can be listened to while offline.

Adapun cara download lagu MP3 gratis yang disarankan yakni menggunakan aplikasi YouTube Music maupun Spotify. Berikut caranya:

YouTube Music

– Instal aplikasi YouTube Music di HP.

– Buka apllikasi YouTube Music dan login pakai akun premium, buat jika belum.

– Aktifkan “Smart Download” yang ada di aplikasi YouTube Music, ada di setelan hasil download.

– Setelah aktif, cari lagu MP3 yang akan di-download gratis.

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– Klik simbol titik tiga yang ada di layar, lalu pilih download lagu.

– Lagu atau musik MP3 pun di-download secara gratis dan dapat didengarkan saat offline.


– Install the Spotify application on the cellphone.

– Open the Spotify app and log in with a premium account, create one if you haven’t already.

– Create a premium account and login.

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– Search for songs or MP3 music that you like.

– Click the three dot symbol, then select download .

songs or music MP3 can – Downloaded also be listened to offline.

That’s how to download songs for free, you don’t need to convert YouTube to MP3 on Savefromnet, YTMP3 and Y2mate. ***